An Ossuary can be a box or chest and is the final resting place for cremated human remains.  With the rising cost of funeral expenses today, many people are choosing cremation instead of burial.  Families can inter cremated remains in a family plot which may have

limited space and it is more ecologically-friendly with less space and materials needed.

While cremation was common in the ancient world, by the fifth century it had been largely abandoned due to Christian influence.  In 1963, the Vatican lifted the cremation ban.  Since 1997, cremated remains have been allowed to be present at funeral Masses, and are given the same respect as remains in a casket.  Today more than one third of Americans opt for cremation.  Some nations, like Japan, have a nearly 100 percent cremation rate.

A standard Ossuary is $1100.  Custom upgrades like wood species, color and design are available.  Prices will vary.


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