...... we are thrilled with the fireplace and the work you all did! We had a big party on Sunday and I gave your name to about 5 people. We hope you get some much deserved new business. However we would like to have you do some more work for us so we don't want you to get too busy. Just kiddin'.


...... molding and baseboards in our dining room after we had some wood floors put in. That also looks great. We would like to have you continue that theme elsewhere in the house. I know you are busy but we would love to have you come look at what we would like done when you have some time.

 Thank you again we love it!
I took some pictures if you would like them I will send them to you!


Just wanted to say how much we love our new built-in bookcases and it amazing how it changed the look of the room. We now have a place for the TV, lots of storage under the cabinets and shelves to display books and collectibles. I wish we would have done it sooner. We are very pleased and want to thank you for the great job. Your work is superb and we were impressed with the quality of workmanship. Every piece was custom fitted and we appreciate the time and effort you put into the installation. We also appreciated how careful you were by protecting our carpet with blankets and keeping your work area clean. Thank you so much! We highly recommend your work both the completed product and the time you took to design it. 

Peggy & Jerry

P.S. We also love the crown molding that you install on top of our two high kitchen cabinets. It really put the finishing touch on the kitchen. I'm sure I will dream up more work for you to do.


I wanted to say thanks again for the time you spent making and finishing this beautiful desk and hutch for me.  I’ve been so impressed with it and so have my neighbors when they have seen it.  I’m absolutely sure this will generate some additional work for you soon!

I have attached a few pictures that I took before I moved all of my books and computer equipment into the space.  Feel free to use or discard at your discretion.  Also, if you need any references for any future customers please send them my email address or cell phone number, I’m happy to be a good reference for your company.

Best wishes….


The result is stunning. You both are welcome to stop by sometime to see the finished product. It is all due to your creative instincts and expert craftsmanship. Received the invoice and will be dispatching a check.



Uh-oh!  J  We’ve had lots of parties these last couple months, so that’s funny that compliments have trickled back to you!  We had our neighborhood Christmas party and also some work gatherings, too.  It’s the perfect space for parties!  Everyone does love the bar, it turned out great!




The kitchen cubboards are beautiful!!!  Thanks so much for all your help.




That would be great. Call my cell. We love the bar. It looks great! All of my family was over on Sunday and were all very impressed. With the floor finely trimmed it look so much better too.

Hope to see you soon.



Simply Breathtaking!  I can't say enough.  I think I've said this a hundred times to people but you guys rock!  Mark and I are in awe.  Thank you so much for taking this on.  You were wonderful to work with.  We hope to have a get together this summer with all the people that played a role in making our dream home a reality.  We will keep you posted but hope to see you there.

Most Sincerely,



 …., the fireplace is a hit, we like it a lot, and we have received many compliments on the whole package.



Jon –

Attached are a few pictures of our fireplace.  We love it!  Thank you for the great workmanship!



Hi Haylee,
Thank you so much for helping with our dates.  We are truly grateful.  

I should probably tell you I did look online for other cabinets, metal and wood.  It's not that I would want to go elsewhere, it's just good business to do that, when I'm asking for a lot of money from our board.  The unanimous response from our board was - no need for alternatives.  They are all so pleased with the work you did in our library, they aren't interested in looking elsewhere.  It's a credit to the work all of you do - design, follow up, quality construction and especially the manner in which you all do business.  You are all easy to like and easy to trust.  

 ….. I'm quite sure our board would have bought even if you were a little higher.  Nothing like quality experience.

 One of our leaders is considering some remodeling in his own house, and he said, "After seeing the work FT did in our kitchen and the church library, it's hard to even consider anything else."  He will be calling you, when he gets to that point in his remodel project.




Hi Haylee,

 I love your follow up.  Very thorough and professional.  You are a real asset to Finishing Touch.

Yes, the pulls you picked out for us are excellent.  And yes, "you" did install the the grommets for us. 

Thanks so much for all you have done for us.  We really appreciate the quality and the follow up.

If you ever need a reference, please feel free to call me.  All of the work you have done has been excellent.


thanks guys for another great project - the check will be in the mail on Monday

if there is ever a point where things slow down a little let me know - we still need to finish changing the trim,  upstairs doors and the banister - maybe a winter project - let me know when you might be able to come take a look and estimate




Hello Best Craftsmen in the World!!
We just finished up with Thanksgiving and it dawned on me that it was just around a year ago that you installed our beautiful cabinets! I couldn't believe how fast that time has gone by (I guess that's life with four young children:-) and was so upset that I hadn't sent you a thank you note yet or a testimony to your wonderful workmanship that you can share with potential clients! To make myself feel better, I justified my procrastination by realizing that now that a year has gone by I can testify to the fact that I love the cabinets more now than the day you finished them (and we all know how excited I was that day)!  Also, in that year the cabinets are in the same incredible shape that they were in when you installed them. I have not had a single problem with them, they were built with such incredible quality. 
As you know, I have held on to a picture from a magazine since 2002.  It had been my dream kitchen all those years and I had it engraved in my mind for so long that I wanted to duplicate the exact look not just settle for coming close.  When the time had finally come to renovate our kitchen, with magazine picture in hand, I went to five different well known cabinet designers in the area to price the cabinets. Each one of them told me that the hutch specifically could not be done, and if they tried it, they would definately warp so they would not guarentee them.  I was getting extremely discouraged because I was looking at a picture of the cabinets so I knew they could obviously be made!  My friend had reccommended that I try Finishing Touch, they made her custom cabinets and they were gorgeous! I decided to give them a try, but I honestly had no hopes or expectations because I thought they would say the same thing  as the other places, and even if they could build the cabinets I knew they would be way more than my "budget boy" husband had set aside to spend :-)!!  You can imagine my surprise when they said they could build them and at a price that was comparable to the quotes that we had been given! Not to mention the incredible service that I received, Jon and ...were a complete joy to work with. And as I subcontracted out all the areas of our kitchen remodel (electrical, drywall, plumbing etc...) I learned that the work ethic, honesty, integrity and attention to detail that Jon .... have are qualities not to be taken for granted, as they are not as common as you might hope they would be. 
I honestly took so long in getting this letter to you because I wanted to come up with just the right words that would express my gratitude for the work that you did on my cabinets, and I realized that there really are no words to use to thank someone for making a dream come true for them!  I looked at a picture for 8 years and it was unbelievable to have that picture come to life in my home! The first time I saw my hutch in your workshop, it took my breath away (and it wasn't even finished or painted yet)!  Everyone that has come into our home has LOVED our cabinets and I always tell them they were built be the Best Craftsmen in the World at Finishing Touch!! 
Please come take pictures of the finished kitchen and I would be so honored if you could use me as reference, my home is always open to you guys if you would like to show off your craftsmanship to future clients.  We truly thank you and appreciate you,...... ALL your guys there in the workshop that helped create our beautiful cabinets. It must be a very fullfulling feeling for you to help someone realize their dream through your God given gifts and talents! 
Have a Blessed Christmas Season,
P.S. My next project is my fireplace mantel so I will be calling you soon to get on your schedule.  I wouldn't have anyone else work on it :-)!


Dear Jon....,

Great quality, great service, smooth process and amazing results... that sums up our experience with Jon at Finishing Touch.  I might be their #1 fan!  After building 3 other homes and working with various companies we saved the best for last.  We asked for detailed work with a large new build and they exceeded our expectations and made our dream home a reality.  I am a firm believer in passing it forward and they are worth passing on.  Try them and then tell your friends.  

Most Sincerely,


….. mentioned to me that she had written to you regarding the pantry layout.

 I tried to warn her that this would be a very stressful undertaking but she was determined to make it happen.
If not for the wonderful support from everyone involved, it certainly would have been too much to handle.
There are countless things about her new kitchen that she is thrilled about, but that secret storage area tops the list as her favorite.

I appreciate the positive manner in which you handled her concerns over the pantry setup and look forward to working with you towards a solution that will make her completely happy.


You are on the A-list.




Hi Jon. We just want you to know that the cabinets are gorgeous. And we were just blown away by the lockers!  They all look so beautiful. We were going to bring your samples back to the house - is that okay ?

 Lisa and Jeff


Hi Jackie,

Thanks so much for your help.  You guys have been awesome to work with and we are more than impressed with our cabinetry.

Thanks again,



….We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!  You and the guys were wonderful to work with.  Thank you so much.  You will definitely be on our list to call for future jobs and will, without hesitation, recommend you to our friends and neighbors.

 Now the kitchen is screaming (or maybe I’m just hearing things)….

Jane & Tim


6 Lincoln Ave Eldridge IA 52748